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In these changing financial times, with the rand weakening and the cost of living seriously increasing, training is becoming one of the two budgets that get blue-penciled first, with advertising being the second in many companies. No, it doesn’t make sense to me either but my experience in life tells me that that is what happens in times like these.

Enter Food Safety in SA. It is my dream to be able to create high quality training materials, right here in South Africa, written and designed by a South African for South Africans, training materials that support everything that YOU as the trainer or consultant are doing for your delegates or your clients, at a cost that you can afford without having to take out an overdraft or an extra mortgage.

Training to me is a very personal thing and I take great pleasure in researching, writing and designing the training material available on this website. I do it because I love helping people and when I was actively training my greatest pleasure used to come from the “Aha!” moments, when all of a sudden everything made sense to the really motivated delegates. That experience is a rare experience indeed and it is awesome to realise that you have quite possibly changed someone’s life forever.

If you click on the FREE DOWNLOADS tab above you'll be given a choice of lots of free downloads of various documents for various purposes in various sectors of the industry. These are there to help you and to inspire you when it comes to working to develop your FSMS. You'll have to subscribe to the website to be able to get in, but that is only so that I can stay in touch with you by sending you my twice yearly updated catalogue and other news about new products coming out. If you click on FREE DOWNLOADS, you'll be taken to a page where there are many posters and signs that you are free to download to your heart's content. Again, all I ask is that you register with me so that I can stay in touch with you.

Then there is the MEMBER’S GALLERY (still in development) where members will be able to go, for a small subscription fee, to download sample food safety manuals and HACCP studies that will go a long way in helping you to complete your implementation in time. Further advice about using that sort of assistance will be on that page when it “comes live”.

I get very tired of professional people using the word ‘professional’ as an excuse to be rude and nasty to each other. If you have a food safety problem, give me a shout or send me a mail and if I can help you, it will be my pleasure to do just that. Lastly, if you're looking for BOOKLETS, POSTERS and other TRAINING AIDS, please click on the PRODUCTS button at the top there, and you'll be taken to the page where these are available for sale.