This large format (A4), highly coloured, puzzle rich 200-page e-Book on Personal Hygiene contains everything you could ever want when it comes to training your staff in their personal hygiene. Not only does it cover every major point that is considered to be of any importance in the philosophy of personal hygiene in the food industry in Southern Africa, but it also includes crossword and word search puzzles that are designed to embed the knowledge into your delegates brains. An added bonus is that many of the pages are designed in such a way as for you to be able to print them alone as training material for your delegates - in other words this is a resource for you to use in making up your own training material.

The e-Book can also be uploaded to your company’s Intranet for whoever is responsible for training in each individual department to access as and when they need to, making this a valuable addition to your training material library. Whilst all practical personal hygiene requirements are covered, there is a wealth of background information on offer as well, as it is this authors experience that when people know WHY they have to do something, they are more amenable to doing it rather than just being told they HAVE to do it because it needs to be done…

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