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A little birdie (well he’s actually not so little) told me that there are people, companies, who need PowerPoint Presentations created for them… Anyone who has ever ordered any of my booklets and gotten the free PowerPoint Presentations with them will know that I am very passionate about creating PowerPoint Presentations. I am passionate about the medium, it is a truly great medium to work in and I’ve been doing it, self taught, since Microsoft first brought PowerPoint to the public in 1995.

If you are in need of a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation Professionally Prepared (I LOVE alliterations LOL!) please call me and we’ll get together and create something WONDERFUL for you or your company.

My charges are very reasonable at R250 per hour up to a maximum of 20 hours. After that there is no charge. Unfortunately though I will have to ask for a deposit.

If you’re in need of this service, please contact me, give me an idea what it is you are looking for and I’ll create a free 5 slide sample for you so that you can see what my work is like before we go any further. I need to know please if you’ll be viewing the PPT Presentation via a Digital Projector or a TV Screen (So I know whether to create it 16:9 wide screen or regular 4:3).

My phone number is 041 365 0868.



YES! I need a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation done for my company please!


Website created by Graham Ries. Copyright © Food Safety in South Africa

YES! I need (a) Training Video/s made for my company please!

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